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Goodbye, my friends...

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Goodbye, my friends...

Post by don_bandhot on Wed May 28, 2008 1:01 pm

The time to go has come
this is goodbye my friend
It was nice to know you
but my time here has come to an end

Dont forget me
as i wont ever you
but time to go away
is something i must do

I'm going back home now
from which i came
I've spent been 5 months away
but it just looks the same

Maybe one day we shall
meet again
but now its time to say
goodbye, my friends...

Thanks for the times, the chats, the jokes, the experiences, the best prices (Hihihihi...)....
Anyway, thanks for everything, friends...

Red Target sunny (Thomas, Donny, Pak Michael, Sonny, Richard, Rolland, Yusup, Andika, Kris, Gery, Boy, Michael, Alfond, Mbak Is, dan semua yang mungkin belum sempet kenal...) dan komunitas airsoft Jakarta dan mana aja yang sempet maen bareng (di Mande (1st time, bro... bounce ), Cibubur, Simprug (Wee... ada yang berani loncat antar balkon lt 2 sama aku. Sapa ya itu? Salut, deh... Very Happy Yang nembak bibir ku juga? Mad Ati ati karma, lho... Hihihihi... Very Happy ), Studio Alam (Tempat Pak Anggi ternyata lebih kenceng!!! affraid Hahahaha... ) , last but not least : GUNUNG PANCAR!!! (Ghost of Gunung Pancar!!! Rolland, Thomas dan Kiki, itu real ghost-nya, aku? Clown!!! clown Bisa buat temen2 CAT tertawa riang liat orang kelabakan ngindarin hujan BB dari happy trigger mereka.... Hip Hip Hooray!!!! cheers Maaf juga buat bapak yang tertembak di bibir, nyuwun ngapunten saestu nggih, pak. Hahahahaha... Embarassed ), thanks for being part of my stories...

See you again... VIVA RED TARGET, GLORY UNITED!!!!!! Hahahahaha.... SEMPER FI!!!!

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Forum Moderator

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Re: Goodbye, my friends...

Post by Defender on Wed May 28, 2008 2:03 pm

Never say good bye because Don Bandhot cuma mau cabang Red Target di Solo. Hi hi hi Ghost of Gunung Pancar berkurang satu.

Para Commander
Para Commander

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Re: Goodbye, my friends...

Post by blackpepper on Wed May 28, 2008 5:10 pm

farewell brother..

nice 2 know u.. spread the love n the happiness here in there..

goodbye.. kapan" balik lg yah broooo..

Para Commander
Para Commander

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Re: Goodbye, my friends...

Post by buNCiz on Wed May 28, 2008 10:00 pm

Seee yaa again Brother Don Bandhot.. kapan-kapan tak jalan-jalan ke Solo.. Cool
Padahal td sore mau nungguin di toko ampe sore.. tapi harus pulang.. mohon maap... Neutral
Thankz for every thing too.. senang sekali bisa mengenal Don Bandhot... Embarassed (tadak bermaksud aneh")heehehe
(tak tunggu lhow.... Cool) hahahaha

Sukses Bro... cheers

Para Commando
Para Commando

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Re: Goodbye, my friends...

Post by futurism on Fri May 30, 2008 7:37 am

kapan2 red target di undang ke solo yak...Very Happy
ato ngga anak2 solo kapan2 diajak ke jakarta buat skirmish bareng ma red target Very Happy Very Happy

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Re: Goodbye, my friends...

Post by Sponsored content

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